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​​ About the Office of Fleet Management
 The Office of Fleet Management was created by Executive Order on June 10, 2002 and became operational on July 1, 2002. It centralizes responsibility for data collection, auditing, education, oversight and guidance for fleet management functions throughout the State of Georgia. The Office of Fleet Management provides guidance and education regarding use of industry best management practices, adherence to state fleet policies and procedures, executive orders, and other regulatory programs which become recommendations for implementation of strategic changes through routine audit conducted in cooperation with state agencies and leadership. The primary mission is to ensure the state fleet is cost-effectively managed from initial acquisition of vehicles through disposal.
 With a fleet size of over 20,000 vehicles, the State of Georgia has one of the largest fleets in the country. This provides the Office of Fleet Management the opportunity to initiate vital strategies to reduce operational costs and more effectively manage the state’s fleet.

Unified administration is the basis for effective fleet management and accurate mileage is the Life Blood of great fleet management. Over the last 26 years, numerous commissions, consultants, studies, and state agency reviewing teams have concluded that the state’s fleet management activities should be centralized. As we continue to move forward, this office will provide oversight, auditing, policies and procedures to guide the state agencies to better manage their fleet.
 The Office of Fleet Management provides services for state and local government entities.
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 Office of Fleet Management
Phone: 404-651-7263
 Fleet Management Leadership Team

Office of Fleet Management

For nearly 40 years, Ed Finnegan has been involved in Risk and Fleet issues. Immediately after graduating from LeMoyne College in Syracuse, N.Y., Ed entered the insurance field. Over the years he has worked in companies large and small, owned an auto-warranty adjusting firm and a restoration shop. Tweleve years ago, Ed came to the State of Georgia as a contractor setting up the in-house Auto Liability Program. Now a state employee, he has overseen the Report My Driving Program, created two safety videos viewed by over 90,000 state employees, revamped the Risk Management Recovery Program, and supervised the Indemnification and Unemployment Programs. Ed comes to the Office of Fleet Management with a solid understanding of the relationship between Risk and Fleet and how that relationship can be fostered to benefit the State of Georgia.
Phone: 404-651-7263
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