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Fleet Management
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Fleet Management Success Stories Fleet Management Success Stories

See how your peers are using Automotive Resources International (ARI) for their vehicle maintenance.
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How do I... ? How do I... ?

How's My Driving How's My Driving?

Report the operation of a state vehicle. Call 888-576-2561

State of Georgia Fuel Price Index State of Georgia Fuel Price Index

Government entities, get up-to-date prices on state contracted bulk fuel. >>Fuel Price Index

Review the particulars of Georgia's mandatory fuel contracts for petroleum, diesel, gasoline and liquid gas. >> Statewide Contract Index

Personal Vehicle Mileage Reimbursement Personal Vehicle Mileage

Statewide travel regulations govern intra- and inter-state travel to promote economic efficiency in state government and the equitable treatment of state employees. This policy has been amended to provide reimbursement rates that are consistent with (GSA) rates for employees conducting business using personal motor vehicles.
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Vehicle Acquisition & Assignment Forms Vehicle Operational Forms

The Office of Fleet Management maintains processes and procedures for acquiring or assigning vehicles.
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Fleet Management FAQ's Fleet Management FAQs

Find how-to information for the most commonly asked questions about Fleet programs.
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