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Team Georgia Marketplace
  TGM Logo Team Georgia Marketplace is a statewide enterprise procurement system for the state of Georgia. The program is composed of a suite of PeopleSoft software integrated with an electronic catalog solution provided by SciQuest, tailored to fit state agency needs. The Team Georgia Marketplace initiative is part of the Procurement Transformation Initiative launched by Governor Perdue in 2005 as part of the Commission for a New Georgia.
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Statewide Contracts

Statewide Contracts are established by State Purchasing for the benefit of government entities throughout Georgia. By leveraging state purchasing power, a variety of high-quality goods and services are provided conveniently at below market rates.

Contracts are for a wide range of commodities such as office furniture, natural gas and ammunition. See the
Statewide Contract IndexLink Opens in New Window web site to learn what goods and services are currently contracted to Georgia government.

Recorded Webinars - Statewide Contracts
  The following recorded webinars are now available online. Click the arrow next to a category to view the list of webinars for that category.  To play a recorded version of the webinar, click the title. Should you have any questions regarding a specific webinar, please contact the person listed as the Presenter.
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IconGrainger MRO, Lamps & BallastStatewide Contract - Grainger MRO, Lamps & Ballast SWC4/21/2010Carl Hall/Trina WilliamsPresentation SWC Grainger Lamps Ballast and MRO.pdf
IconLamps & Ballast (Sam E. Jones)Statewide Contract Lamps & Ballast (Sam E. Jones)5/18/2010Carl HallFAQs SWC Lamps and Ballast Re-Launch (E Sam Jones).pdf
Presentation SWC Lamps and Ballast Re-Launch (E Sam Jones).pdf
IconLamps & Ballasts Voss LightingStatewide Contract - Lamps & Ballasts Voss Lighting2/24/2010Carl HallFAQs Lamps and Ballasts (Voss Lighting).pdf
Presentation SWC Lamps and Ballast Re-Launch (Voss Lighting).pdf
IconRetreadsStatewide Contract - Retreads8/20/2009Rick BealPresentation SWC Retreads.pdf
IconOffice Supplies Convenience SWCStatewide Convenience Contract - Office Supplies 8/25/2010Carl HallPresentation SWC Office Supplies.pdf
FAQs SWC Office Supplies.pdf
IconTractors and MowersStatewide Contract: Lawn and Garden Mowers, Agricultural and Industrial Tractors and Accessories6/28/2011Matt TaylorLawn and Garden Mowers, Agricultural and Industrial Tractors and Accessories SWC.pdf
IconCustodial and Hospitality SuppliesCustodial and Hospitality Supplies12/15/2011Trina WilliamsCustodial and Hospitality Supplies Presentation.pdf
IconFacilities Maintenance Repair Operation Industrial Supplies Tools MRO.Facilities Maintenance Repair Operation Industrial Supplies Tools MRO.7/12/2012Mario MoralesMRO SUPPLIES WEBINAR PRESENTATION July 12, 2012.pptx
IconAll Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Utility Vehicles (UTVs), Golf CarsAll Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Utility Vehicles (UTVs), Golf Cars 1/8/2013Billy GilbertFINALATV-UTV-Golf Cars StatewideContractWebinarPowerPointTemplate 1-8-2013 Revised.ppt
 expand SWC Category: Information Technology
IconComputer Peripherals and General Audio Visual ProductsStatewide Contract - Computer Peripherals and General Audio Visual Products4/1/2010Bernard JoyPresentation SWC Webinar Computer Peripherals General Audio Visual.pdf
FAQs Computer Peripherals General Audio Visual.pdf
IconMail EquipmentStatewide Contract - Mail Equipment6/30/2009Beverly AlexanderPresentation SWC Mail Equipment.pdf
IconCCTV Products, Services, and InstallationCCTV Products, Services, and Installation 12/1/2011Bonnie HarrisonCCTV Products, Services, and Installation.pdf
IconNetworking Equipment SWCNetworking Equipment SWC9/12/2012Jan PytelewskiNetworking Equipment Webinar 09122012.pptx
 expand SWC Category: Infrastructure
IconFacility MaintenanceStatewide Contract - Facility Maintenance10/16/2009Wanda GeorgePresentation SWC Facility Maintenance.pdf
IconEZIQC - ARRA Funded Construction ProjectsStatewide Contract EZIQC - ARRA Funded Construction Projects4/2/2010Wanda GeorgePresentation SWC EZIQC ARRA Funded Construction Projects.pdf
FAQs SWC EZIQC ARRA Funded Construction Projects.pdf
IconState Wide Contract School Bus and Related EquipmentState Wide Contract School Bus and Related Equipment11/2/2010Debra White and Billy GilbertPresentation SWC School Bus and Related Equipment.pdf
 expand SWC Category: Services/Special Projects
IconPrinting ServicesStatewide Contract - Printing Services9/2/2009John ThomasonPresentation SWC Printing Services.pdf
IconDriver Safety Training SWC WebinarOverview of Driver Safety Training SWC3/10/2011Josh BordenDriver Safety Training Services SWC Webinar Presentation.pdf
IconNew SWC – Integrated Pest Management Srvcs New SWC – Integrated Pest Management Srvcs1/31/2012Peris CanonSPD-CP031SWCWebinarPowerPointTemplate-PestControl.pptx
IconSWC Expedited Delivery ServicesSWC Expedited Delivery Services2/21/2013Peris CannonSWCWebinarPowerPoint-ExpeditedDeliveryServices-02-20-2013.pptx
Statewide Contracts Pipeline and Status
  Contract Stages
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State Use Procurement List (Mandatory and Preferred)
  The State Use Law set forth at OCGA 50.5.135 et.seq. is intended to create opportunities for disabled persons employed by community based rehabilitation programs and training centers that are certified by the State Use Council. In order to effectuate the purposes of the State Use Law, the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) and the State Use Council have created the "Procurement List" for mandatory source and preferred source products.

State governmental entities are required to purchase items identified as "Mandatory" on the Procurement List when needed. Items identified as "Preferred" are not considered a mandatory source, but state governmental entities may choose to purchase if desired without competitive sourcing.
PDF Icon State Use Procurement List
Georgia Correctional Industries Certified Products and Services (Mandatory)
  Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) may certify certain products or services provided by Georgia Correctional Industries (GCI) as available and of competitive quality and price. GCI and the commissioner of GDC are required to report the certification criteria to DOAS - State Purchasing Division (SPD), including, but not limited to, cost, delivery schedules, and availability within 15 days of notice of certification. Any subsequent changes to certified products or services must be reported to SPD within 15 days of any such change. Only goods and services identified to SPD that are certified in accordance with this section are considered to be mandatory. GCI's mandatory products/services list is published below. Purchases from this list are not subject to dollar limits or the state entity's delegated purchasing authority.
PDF Icon GCI Certified Products and Services List
Car Rental (Enterprise and Hertz)
  The Georgia Department of Administrative Services, State Purchasing Division, has established a new statewide contract with The Enterprise Leasing of Georgia LLC and The Hertz Corporation for instate rentals. The Hertz Corporation is the awarded supplier operation of the Capitol Hill Location and is the state supplier for out-of-state car rental services.
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Preferred Sources
  Through initiatives established by State statute, select non-profit agencies may produce products or services classified as "preferred" status. This classification requires other state agencies to purchase specific products and services from these select agencies. To maintain this designation, preferred source organizations are subject to periodic performance and price reviews conducted by DOAS.

Currently, there are three preferred source agencies:

Georgia Enterprises for Products and Services (GEPS)
44 Broad Street, Suite 804
Atlanta, Georgia 30303
Phone: 404-521-1777
Fax: 404-521-1714
Georgia Enterprises WebsiteLink Opens in New Window
Georgia Correctional Industries (GCI)
2984 Clifton Springs Road
Decatur, Georgia 30034
Phone: 404-244-5100
Fax: 404-244-5141
Georgia Industries for the Blind (GIB)
P. O. Box 218
Bainbridge, Georgia 39818
Phone: 229-248-2667
Fax: 229-248-2669
Green Contracts
  In line with statewide green initiatives, State Purchasing seeks partners who offer earth-friendly products and services. Our ongoing list of green contracts is coming soon...
Co-operative Contracts
  At times, in an effort to acquire products or services at competitive prices, the state of Georgia will increase purchasing power by banding with other states.
Debarred/Suspended Contractors List
  Debarred/Suspended Contractors are suppliers who are currently suspended and/or debarred from use by the State of Georgia or who are currently listed on the "Federal Excluded from Procurement" list. Prior to issuing a purchase order, the issuing official must review the Federal Excluded from Procurement list and the State Suspended and Debarred Vendors list.

Click here for state suspended and debarred suppliers list.
Reciprocal Preference Law
  Georgia does not have a percentage Preference Law; however, we do reciprocate based on other states or preferences of other states. Resident suppliers in the State of Georgia are to be granted the same preference over suppliers resident in another state in the same manner. This preference is used for evaluation purposes only. All state agencies are required to apply this reciprocal preference. Note: For the purpose of this law, the definition of a resident supplier is one who maintains a place of business with at least one employee inside the State of Georgia. A post office box will not satisfy this requirement.

All state agencies, departments, and authorities responsible for the maintenance of public lands shall give preference to the use of compost and mulch in all road building, land maintenance and land development activities. Preference shall be given to compost and mulch made in the State of Georgia from organics which are source separated from the state's non-hazardous solid waste stream.  | Privacy / Security / Notices | Translate
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