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 State Purchasing - Policies & Procedures 
Georgia Procurement Manual
  The Georgia Procurement Manual (GPM) provides operational and administrative rules derived from the laws set forth by Georgia code. The rules are an authorized legal extension, bearing the same weight, significance and effect as Georgia law.

The GPM is frequently updated for the convenience of its users and in accordance with changes in Georgia legislation.  
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Make as consistent as possible the procurement regulations among the various state agencies.
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Provide for increased public confidence in the procedures followed in public procurement.
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Foster effective broad-based competition within the free enterprise system.
Access the GA Procurement Manual OnlineLink Opens in New Window
PDF Icon Print the GA Procurement Manual.
Review Archived Versions of the GPM.
The GPM is updated twice a year for the convenience of its users and in accordance with changes in Georgia legislation.
State Purchasing Delegations and Transfers of Procurement Responsibilities

Pursuant to the Official Code of Georgia, Section 50-5, State Purchasing has the authority to issue delegations and transfers of procurement responsibilities. The following information provides detailed information regarding current delegations and transfers of procurement responsibilities.

 State Entity Delegated Purchasing Authority Letter Effective July 1, 2009

 Entity Unlimited RFP Delegated Purchasing Authority List Effective July 1, 2009

 GSFIC Public Works Construction Contracts Official Announcement #03-08

 DOT Delegation Agreement

State Purchasing Exemptions

The definition for an "exempt" purchase means the State Purchasing Administrative Rules do not apply as defined in the Georgia Procurement Manual (GPM), Chapter 2, Section 3. A list of exempt purchases for commodities and services by NIGP Code is provided below.

 NIGP Exempt List

Purchasing Card Policy

SPD has developed a PDF Icon State Purchasing Card Policy (Policy) to establish minimum standards for use of the P-Card in order to ensure compliance with all applicable State laws pertaining to purchasing as contained in the Georgia Procurement Manual (GPM), issued by SPD. The Policy posted on the SPD web site will always be the official Policy governing the P-Card program.

Standard Operating Procedures / Operational Documents

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are supplements to the Georgia Procurement Manual that apply specifically to procurement operations within state agencies and State Purchasing. The regulatory documents standardize procedure and ensure the consistency and efficiency of purchasing operations.

TypeForm No.TitleDescriptionRevision Date
Georgia Procurement Manual Archives and Official Announcements
TypeDocument No.TitleDescriptionEffective Date
collapse Georgia Procurement Manual Archives and Related Official Announcements
IconSPD 01-15Official AnnouncementAnnounce New Contract Management Course, Revised Contract Forms, and Other GPM Changes11/18/2014
IconGPM-V4-2012Georgia Procurement ManualEffective July 1, 2012 until June 30, 20139/3/2013
IconSPD 01-14Official AnnouncementAnnounce GPM changes effective July 1, 2013 are published to the web site in version GPM-V5-2013.9/3/2013
IconSPD 03-13Official AnnouncementAnnounce upcoming changes to the Georgia Procurement Manual effective July 1, 2013 and to provide upcoming webinar details.7/1/2013
IconSPD 01-13Official AnnouncementAnnouncement of July 1, 2012 GPM Updates to be Released8/29/2012
IconSPD 03-12Official AnnouncementAnnouncement of upcoming GPM changes, webinar announcement, and Purchasing Card Policy changes.6/18/2012
IconSPD 01-12Official Announcement SupplementUpcoming changes to the GPM to be effective September 1, 20119/1/2011
IconGPM-V3-2011GeorgiaProcurementManualGeorgia Procurement Manual effective September 2011 - July 20129/1/2011
IconSPD 01-12Official AnnouncementAnnounce revised $5,000 Competitive Bidding Threshold, New Request for Proposal Delegation, and Additional Updates to the Georgia Procurement Manual7/18/2011
IconGPM-VI-2011Georgia Procurement ManualEffective February 15, 2011 until July 15, 20117/18/2011
IconSPD 02-12Official AnnouncementAnnouncement of Policy Changes and Related Documents7/18/2011
IconSPD 05-11Official AnnouncementAnnounce changes to Georgia Procurement Manual requirements5/2/2011
IconGPM-V1-2010Georgia Procurement ManualEffective January 2010 until February 15, 20112/15/2011
IconGVM-V1-2010Georgia Vendor ManualEffective January 2010 until February 15, 20112/15/2011
IconSPD 03-11Official Announcement Announce Release of the New GPM:
DOAS has combined the material of the Georgia
Procurement Manual and the Georgia Vendor Manual.
This also includes revisions to the administrative rule
IconSPD 02-10 Official Announcement Announce GPM and GVM Revisions1/25/2010
IconSPD 04-14Official AnnouncementUpdates to the GPM will be made at a later time.
collapse Other Official Announcements
IconSPD 03-14Official AnnouncementOfficial Announcement - Policy Changes for P-Cards2/18/2014
IconSPD 02-13Official AnnouncementAnnouncing end-of-year deadline for RFPs to be submitted to State Purchasing.2/8/2013
IconSPD 04-11Official Announcement - Georgia Security and Immigration Affadavit ClarificationMemorandum was received from the Attorney General’s
Office in response to our request, which provided a final
determination that the requirement to obtain an affidavit
only applies to contracts related to public works
IconSPD 02-11Official Announcement - Alternatives to Convenience Statewide ContractsAlternatives to Convenience Statewide Contracts 11/18/2010
IconSPD 01-11Official Announcement - eSource and Team Georgia Marketplace™eSource: new functionality, revised policy and new forms.  Also includes information regarding Team Georgia Marketplace™ new and revised forms.9/15/2010
IconSPD 03-10Official Announcement - ARRA GuidanceARRA guidance available on the State Purchasing web site and GPR enhancement for complying with ARRA Federal requirements
IconSPD 01-10Official Announcement - Clarification DocumentsClarification regarding various State Purchasing procedures and Team Georgia Marketplace™11/2/2009
IconSPD 02-09Official Announcement - Sole Source ProcedureChanges to Sole Source procedures detailed in the Georgia Procurement Manual (GPM) and the Georgia Vendor Manual (GVM)1/20/2009
IconPC 01-09Official Announcement - Policy Changes for P-Cards Changes to P-card Policy9/5/2008
IconSPD 02-14Official Announcement - FY14 Fiscal year-end deadlines
Federal Stimulus (ARRA) Policy, Guidance, and Other Resources
  Information regarding the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) are provided at these web sites.
Office of Planning and BudgetLink Opens in New Window
This document also contains purchasing directives for state entities.
 ARRA 2010 Implementation Guide
Georgia State Accounting Office Link Opens in New Window
Information pertaining to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) can be found at this web site to include Stimulus Policy, Stimulus Guidance, Purchasing Directives, and other Stimulus Links.
National Association of State Procurement OfficialsLink Opens in New Window
Stimulus Act Resources are available at this web site.
Debarred /Suspended Contractors
  Debarred/Suspended Contractors are suppliers who are currently suspended and/or debarred from use by the State of Georgia or who are currently listed on the "Federal Excluded from Procurement" list.  Prior to issuing a purchase order, the issuing official must review the Federal Excluded from Procurement list and the State Suspended and Debarred Vendorslist.

Federal Excluded from Procurement ListLink Opens in New Window
Click here for State Suspended and Debarred Suppliers List.

The pertinent laws that govern State purchases are generally set forth in O.C.G.A., Section 50-5-50 through Section 50-5-81. Search all Georgia laws and regulations, or view specific purchasing related codes.

Official Code of GeorgiaLink Opens in New Window
Search all Georgia laws and regulations by keyword or by code section.

Attorney General Advice (Official and Unofficial)
  The Georgia Attorney General (AG) provides both official and unofficial advice. DOAS may, from time to time, post copies of memos from the AG's Office to provide additional guidance with respect to certain procurement issues.
collapse Unofficial
IconAG Response to Immigration and Security QuestionsAdditional clarification from the Attorney General's Office on changes to the Immigration and Security Law effective July 1, 2013
IconAttorney General Advice Letter dated March 03, 2011Attorney General provided clarity that the requirement to obtain a Security and Immigration Affidavit only applies to contracts related to public works contracts
IconAttorney General Informal Advice Letter dated April 28, 2009Attorney General Informal Advice Letter to clarify Public Works/Construction Contracts with respect to payment bonds and procurement by the Department of Administrative Services
IconAttorney General Response to DOASAttorney General response to DOAS on Immigration and Security Law changes effective July 1, 2013.
Reciprocal Preference Law

Georgia does not have a percentage Preference Law; however, we do reciprocate based on other states or preferences of other states.

Resident vendors in the State of Georgia are to be granted the same preference over vendors resident in another state in the same manner, on the same basis and to the same extent that preference is granted in awarding bids or proposals for the same goods or services by such other state to vendors resident therein over vendors resident in the State of Georgia. This preference is used for evaluation purposes only. All state agencies are required to apply this reciprocal preference.

All state agencies, departments, and authorities responsible for the maintenance of public lands shall give preference to the use of compost and mulch in all road building, land maintenance and land development activities. Preference shall be given to compost and mulch made in the State of Georgia from organics which are source separated from the state's non-hazardous solid waste stream.

State-by-State Reciprocal Preference DataLink Opens in New Window  | Privacy / Security / Notices | Translate
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