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​​​​ State Purchasing - 7 Stages of Procurement
In the Department of Administrative Services – State Purchasing Division, the buying process is broken down into the 7 Stages of Procurement. Each step of the sourcing methodology is presented below with coordinating operational forms.
Seven Stages
  The underlying purposes and policies of the Georgia Procurement Manual are to:

Simplify and clarify the law governing procurement by the State of Georgia.
Permit the continued development of centralized procurement policies and practices.
Make as consistent as possible the procurement regulations among the various state agencies.
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Review Archived Versions of the GPM.
Orange Official Forms
  The following documents are the official forms of the DOAS State Purchasing Division. DOAS requests that you do not alter these forms.
TypeForm NumberTitleDescriptionRequiredRevision Date
collapse Stage: 1-NI: Need Identification
IconSPD-NI001Fact-Finding AgendaAgenda for meeting with end-user(s) who initiated the sourcing requirements to understand the need, who needs it, why it is needed, when it is needed, and who needs to be involved (list of participants) in the sourcing processMandatory
IconSPD-NI004Emergency Justification FormForm for documenting reasons for emergency procurements

IconSPD-NI005Statewide Contract Waiver Request FormForm for State Entities to request a statewide contract waiver from State PurchasingMandatory11/12/2013
IconSPD-NI006Piggyback Request FormForm for requesting to piggyback off another State Entity contract from the State Purchasing Assistant CommissionerMandatory4/12/2011
collapse Stage: 2-PS: Pre-Solicitation
IconSPD-PS013State Entity eRFI TemplateTemplate used for processing electronic Requests for Information through Team Georgia Marketplace™ or eSourceMandatory8/22/2011
IconSPD-PS014State Entity RFI TemplateTemplate used for processing non-electronic Requests for Information through the GPRMandatory8/22/2011
IconSPD-PS015eRequisition Submission FormChecklist for eRequisition submission for non-Outlook usersMandatory
IconSPD-PS015aeRequisition Submission Form - InstructionsInstructions for submitting the eRequisition

IconSPD-PS016Purchase Requisition FormForm for submitting a requisition to State Purchasing for Non-SAO usersMandatory
IconSPD-PS019Sole-Brand Justification FormForm to justify sole-brand procurement

IconSPD-PS019aSole-Brand InstructionsInstructions for completing the sole-brand procurement justification formMandatory
IconSPD-PS020Sole Source Intent to Award FormForm to justify sole-source procurement

IconSPD-PS023State Entity RFP Project PlanProject plan to be used in developing RFP for state entity contracts Mandatory
collapse Stage: 3-SP: Solicitation Preparation
IconSPD-SP012Certificate of Non-CollusionCertificate of Independent Price Determination required by O.C.G.A. Section 50-5-67(e). Use this form for non-electronic solicitationsMandatory
IconSPD-SP015State Entity RFP TemplateTemplate used for processing non-electronic Requests for Proposals through the GPRMandatory3/29/2011
IconSPD-SP016State Entity eRFP TemplateTemplate used for processing electronic Requests for Proposals through Team Georgia Marketplace™ or eSourceMandatory3/29/2011
IconSPD-SP017State Entity RFQ TemplateTemplate for issuing a non-electronic Request for Quotes

IconSPD-SP018State Entity eRFQ TemplateTemplate used for processing electronic Requests for Quotes in Team Georgia Marketplace™ or eSourceMandatory3/8/2012
IconSPD-SP019State Entity RFQC TemplateTemplate used for processing non-electronic Request for Qualified ContractorsMandatory
IconSPD-SP020State Entity eRFQC TemplateTemplate used for processing electronic Requests for Qualified Contractors in Team Georgia Marketplace™ or eSourceMandatory
IconSPD-SP023State Entity Contract for Goods and Ancillary Services - OpenOptional resource for state entities purchasing goods and ancillary services with no fixed quantity (Recommended for multi-year contracts and/or purchases of $100,000 or more)Optional5/17/2013
IconSPD-SP024State Entity Contract for Goods and Ancillary Services - FixedOptional resource for state entities purchasing goods and ancillary services on a fixed quantity basis (Recommended for multi-year contracts and/or purchases of $100,000 or more)

IconSPD-SP025State Entity Contract for ServicesOptional resource for state entities purchasing services (Recommended for multi-year contracts and/or purchases of $100,000 or more)Optional5/17/2013
IconSPD-SP026State Entity Contract for SoftwareOptional resource for state entities purchasing software (Recommended for multi-year contracts and/or purchases of $100,000 or more)Optional5/17/2013
IconSPD-SP027State Entity Contract for Equipment Rental/LeaseOptional resource for state entities renting or leasing equipment (Recommended for multi-year contracts and/or purchases of $100,000 or more)

IconSPD-SP028eSource Contract TermsBasic contract terms automatically included in all eSource RFQs and RFPs (Buyer may attach additional contract terms if desired)

IconSPD-SP030Facilitated Session Sign-in FormSign-in sheet for all members participatingMandatory
IconSPD-SP033Facilitated Session Guide TemplateGuide to finalizing RFP document and customizing technical/cost evaluation modelMandatory
IconSPD-SP036Request For Supplier TrainingForm used for Buyers to request training for Suppliers at Pre-Bid conferences or other venuesMandatory9/15/2011
IconSPD-SP039Evaluation Committee Member Participation FormForm that all members participating in evaluation need to signMandatory
IconSPD-SP042Supplier General Information WorksheetTemplate used for RFQs, RFQCs, and RFPs to capture general information and administrative requirementsMandatory1/22/2013
IconSPD-SP045Tax Compliance FormForm used to confirm supplier tax complianceMandatory
IconSPD-SP048Insurance and Bonding GuidelinesInsurance guidelines, sample form, and glossary of insurance termsMandatory2/8/2013
IconSPD-SP051RFP Preparation ScorecardScorecard is to be used as a graded checklist to ensure all necessary RFP information is included appropriately and the RFP followed the appropriate formatMandatory12/19/2013
IconSPD-SP054Immigration and Security FormPlease see important note on this document to access the proper affidavit for use in fulfilling the Immigration and Security requirements.Mandatory9/6/2013
IconSPD-SP057Requirements Sheet for RFP or Scored RFQCTemplate used to define requirements and questions for RFPs or scored RFQCsMandatory7/22/2011
IconSPD-SP058Requirements Sheet for RFQ or Non-Scored RFQCTemplate used to define pass/fail requirements for RFQs or non-scored RFQCsMandatory3/8/2012
IconSPD-SP059aInstructions for Requirements Sheet 2003Instructions for creating the requirement spreadsheets to include in Section 4 of the RFP when using either the paper-based RFP template or the online RFP template
(Excel 2003)
IconSPD-SP059bInstructions for Requirements Sheet 2007Instructions for creating the requirement spreadsheets to include in Section 4 of the RFP when using either the paper-based RFP template or the online RFP template
(Excel 2007)
collapse Stage: 4-SPR: Solicitation Process
IconSPD-SPR001Bidders/Offerors Conference AgendaAgenda with some script for Bidders/Offerors ConferenceMandatory
IconSPD-SPR004Supplier Q & A TemplateDocument to address questions from potential suppliers. Document is to be posted to the GPR for informational purposes only and not as an addendum to the solicitationMandatory
IconSPD-SPR007Bidders/Offerors Conference Sign-In FormSign-in sheet for all participating suppliers, state staff and guestsMandatory
IconSPD-SPR010Bidders Offerors Conference AnnouncementTemplate to be used for announcing a scheduled Bidders/Offerors ConferenceMandatory8/22/2011
IconSPD-SPR010aInstructions for Posting a Bidders/Offerors Conference in Team Georgia Marketplace™ Instructions for posting a Bidders/Offerors Conference Notice in Team Georgia Marketplace™Mandatory
IconSPD-SPR010bInstructions for Posting Bidders/Offerors Conference in GPRInstructions for posting a Bidders/Offerors Conference Notice in the Georgia Procurement RegistryMandatory
IconSPD-SPR013RFX Addendum FormForm for modifying the solicitation closing date, contents, etc.Mandatory
collapse Stage: 5-EP: Evaluation Process
IconSPD-EP001Administrative Review Requirements Summary SheetTemplate to be used by the Issuing Officer to determine if the supplier is responsive and responsibleMandatory4/12/2012
IconSPD-EP004Evaluation Committee AgendaForm used by Issuing Officer to organize and document planned evaluation committee sessionsMandatory
IconSPD-EP007Supplier Technical EvaluationTemplate used by each evaluator to score suppliers’ responsesMandatory4/12/2012
IconSPD-EP010Request for ClarificationForm used by the Issuing Officer to request clarification of a supplier’s responseMandatory
IconSPD-EP013Master Technical Evaluation TemplateTemplate to be used by the Issuing Officer to consolidate individual evaluation committee members’ scores and validated scoresMandatory9/28/2011
IconSPD-EP020Request for Cost Negotiation (Best and Final Offer)Form used by the State to request cost negotiations (RFP only)Mandatory
IconSPD-EP020Request for Cost Improvement (Best and Final Offer)Form used by the State to request cost improvement (RFQ only)Mandatory11/17/2014
IconSPD-EP023Evaluation Committee GuidelinesEvaluation guidelines for the Issuing Officer and the Evaluation Committee for RFPs and scored RFQCsMandatory3/7/2011
IconSPD-EP026General Confidentiality FormForm to be used by individuals other than evaluation committee members that will be participating in the procurement processMandatory
collapse Stage: 6-AP: Award Process
IconSPD-AP004Notice of Intent to AwardThe State’s public notice of its intent to award a contract to one or more vendors pending successful resolution of the processMandatory5/23/2013
IconSPD-AP005Notice of AwardState’s official public notice of contract awardMandatory6/29/2012
IconSPD-AP008RFQC List of Qualified ContractorsState’s official public notice of identification of qualified contractors as a result of RFQC processMandatory
IconSPD-AP011Purchase Order (Non-PeopleSoft)Form for creating a contract with a supplier to include an authorized signature, correct payment, delivery terms and appropriate codes for purchase type and commodity/service purchasedOptional
collapse Stage: 7-CP: Contract Process
IconSPD-CP001Supplier Data SheetSheet to capture certain information regarding the contractor, including contract informationMandatory
IconSPD-CP004Excise Tax Exemption CertificateForm for documenting excise tax exemption statusMandatory
IconSPD-CP007Contract Action Summary FormForm used to document key contract information and contract activity such as renewals and amendmentsMandatory12/3/2014
IconSPD-CP008Supplier Performance ReportForm for initiating and documenting supplier complaint and action required/takenOptional11/17/2014
IconSPD-CP010Contract Renewal TemplateSample template for exercising contract renewal optionsMandatory12/3/2014
IconSPD-CP010aContract Renewal Template InstructionsInstructions for exercising contract renewal optionsMandatory1/7/2015
IconSPD-CP012Contract Administrative Change TemplateTemplate used for making an administrative change to a contractMandatory1/27/2015
IconSPD-CP013Contract Amendment TemplateSample template to draft and execute contract amendmentsMandatory12/4/2014
IconSPD-CP016Contract Administration Plan TemplateForm used to document and keep track of supplier performance, key performance milestones, contract terms, etc. of statewide and state entity contractsMandatory1/7/2015
IconSPD-CP019Contract Assessment ReportForm for supplier contract performance evaluation; mandatory for contract renewalMandatory12/3/2014
IconSPD-CP022Contract Quarterly Administrative Fee ReportSample report for suppliers remitting administrative fees to DOAS-SPDMandatory7/7/2011
IconSPD-CP025aSupplier Quarterly Sales Report for GoodsForm for a statewide contract supplier to use for reporting quarterly sales to State Purchasing on a goods contract Mandatory11/12/2014
IconSPD-CP025bSupplier Quarterly Sales Report for ServicesForm for a statewide contract supplier to use for reporting quarterly sales to State Purchasing on a service contract.Mandatory11/12/2014
IconSPD-CP025CSupplier Quarterly Sales Report for ITForm for a statewide contract supplier to use for reporting quarterly sales to State Purchasing on an IT contract.Mandatory11/13/2014
collapse Stage: OP: Operations
IconSPD-CC001Designation of Program Administrator FormOfficial form for State Entities to notify State Purchasing who serves as the Purchasing Card Program Administrator, Fuel Card Program Administrator and/or Travel Card Program Administrator.
IconSPD-OP001Designation of State Entity Procurement Officer (APO or CUPO)Form submitted by APO or CUPO for approval by the DOAS-SPD Assistant CommissionerMandatory4/12/2011
IconSPD-OP007One Time Request to Exceed Delegated Purchasing AuthorityForm to submit to DOAS State Purchasing for State Entity request and justification for exceeding its DPA for a specific acquisitionMandatory9/19/2011
IconSPD-OP008Permanent Increase to RFP DPA RequestForm to be used by state entities who desire to request a permanent increase to their RFP delegated purchasing authority Mandatory8/31/2011
IconSPD-OP010Entity Organizational InformationForm for APOs or CUPOs to submit procurement staffing changes to State PurchasingMandatory
IconSPD-OP012Ad Hoc Training Request Form for Team Georgia Marketplace™Form for state entity business advisors to request an ad hoc Team Georgia Marketplace™ training course for their organizational personnel.Mandatory  | Privacy / Security / Notices | Translate
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