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​ Surplus Property Programs
 The Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) - Surplus Property is responsible for the disposal of Georgia's state surplus personal property and is the General Services Administration's (GSA) partner for the Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program serving as the State Agency for Surplus Property (SASP). This section will assist you in understanding and utilizing these surplus programs.
 Surplus Property's primary mission is to make state and federal surplus property available to donees (state agencies, local governments, and eligible nonprofit organizations) before offering them to the public. Surplusing, or reusing rather than buying new, saves tax dollars by extending the life of property.

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Eligible users may screen for Georgia State and Federal Surplus on the following sites:

State Surplus Property Federal Surplus Property
General Eligibility Requirements
 Georgia's Surplus Property Program is not an entitlement program. Donee eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis in accordance with state and federal laws and regulations. Interested entities must complete the appropriate eligibility application forms and comply with the requirements of periodic updating in order to retain their eligibility. The following types of entities are considered for participation:

Black All state government agencies, commissions, authorities, and universities
Black All Georgia municipal government (county, city, town, etc.) entities
Black Eligible nonprofit organizations classified by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as 501 organizations
Black Service Education Activities (SEA) and Small Business Administration (SBA 8A participants)

For specific eligibility requirements, contact DOAS Surplus eligibility personnel or download the associated forms from our web site below.
Requirements and Application forms
 Applications for enrollment are processed within 40 days of receipt of the application and all supporting documentation. The organization must be available for a site visit and orientation class.
TypeTitleDescriptionRevision Date
collapse Category: GA Local Government Entities
IconVFD Rescue Squad ApplicationLocal goverment VFD and Rescue Squad application11/6/2013
IconLocal Government ApplicationApplication may be made in the name of the county or city, or by individual departments within the government.11/6/2013
collapse Category: GA Non-Profit Organizations
IconApplication for elder care service providers10/6/2014
IconFoodbank ApplicationApplication for community foodbanks10/6/2014
IconHealthcare Services ApplicationApplication for community nonprofit healthcare providers.10/6/2014
IconHomeless Services ApplicationApplication for service providers to the homeless.10/6/2014
IconImprovrished Services ApplicationApplication for providers of services to the impoverished.10/6/2014
IconMuseum ApplicationApplication for nonprofit museums.10/6/2014
IconPrivate Education Provider ApplicationApplication for nonprofit education service providers.10/6/2014
IconJoint Apprentice Program ApplicationApplication for Joint Apprentice programs10/6/2014
IconSheltered Workshop ApplicationApplication for Sheltered Workshops.10/6/2014
collapse Category: GA SEA/VSO/JROTC Application
IconSEA/VSO/JROTC ApplicationApllication for DOD approved SEA organizations10/6/2014
collapse Category: GA Small Business Administration (SBA) 8(a) contractors
IconSmall Business Administration Eligibility InstructionsProgram eligibility is determined by the SBA.  This page provide link for southeast regional office.1/13/2011
collapse Category: GA State Government Entities
IconGA State Agency ApplicationApplication for state government agencies, authorities, boards, commissions, universities, colleges.10/6/2014
Property Restrictions
 There are restrictions on the use and disposal of any state or federal surplus property received through the program. Restrictions vary by the category of property received. The basic requirements are that the property is put into use within one year and used for one year from the in-use date. See the Surplus Property Manual, Chapter 6, for state property restrictions.

Federal restrictions can be viewed here: PDF Icon Federal Restrictions. Failure to comply with these restrictions may result in criminal prosecution. Please contact Surplus Property for guidance prior to disposing of surplus assets.
Service Charges
 Surplus Property is entirely self-funded through service charges for material received. Service charges are determined based on the quality, quantity and Fair Market Value (FMV) of the property.

There is always a service charge for local government and nonprofit customers, for both state and federal property. State entities will pay a service charge on federal surplus only.
Additional Resources
Association of County Commissioners of GANetworking opportunity for GA county governments.
Computers For Learning (CFL)Presidential executive order encourages federal agencies, to the extent permitted by law, to transfer excess computers and related peripheral equipment directly to schools and educational nonprofit organizations.
Georgia Department of Economic Development Learn how Georgia supports businesses.
Georgia Department of RevenueTax exempt forms.
Georgia Municipal AssociationNetworking opportunity for local GA governments.
Georgia Secretary of StateForms required to incorporate as a Non-profit corporation.
National Association State Agencies for Surplus Property (NASASP)Information for surplus agencies in other states.
National Property Management Association (NPMA)Supports training and standardization in asset management across public and private entities.  | Privacy / Security / Notices | Translate
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