Setup New Fuel Card Account

There are a few basic steps for setting up a new Fuel Card Account

To setup a new Fuel Card Account:

  • Click on the following link: to complete the Addendum to the Fuel Card Services agreement.
  • Click on the Apply Now button.

This button will then display the Addendum to the Fuel Card Services Agreement between WEX Bank and the State of Georgia (the "State")

  • Complete the addendum form and send to:
  • WEX will then review the application.
  • If approved, WEX sets up your account, obtains vehicle and user information, and sends out any fuel cards that were requested. 



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Setup New Fuel Card Documents

Fuel Card Program Operational Documents


WEX Fuel Card Order Form


WEX Brochure


Statewide Fuel Card Standards and Guidelines


WEX Online Authorization Controls and Purchase Alerts


Red Card Transaction Log