Substance Abuse Testing Price Increase Coming in March 2017


By: Webb, Katie

As part of the state's contract with FirstLab, a minimal 4% price increase for most products and services is scheduled to become effective March 1, 2017.  To support your planning efforts, the chart below summarizes the upcoming changes.


Testing Product or Service

Current PricePrice Effective 3/1/2017Increase
Tier 1 - Quest/Labcorp PSC$ 26.88$ 27.96$ 1.08
Tier 2 - Quest Preferred$ 32.70$ 34.01$ 1.31
Tier 3 - Third Party$ 41.10$ 42.74$ 1.64
Breath Alcohol Test$ 38.25$ 39.78$ 1.53
On-site Drug Test   (Kit Only)$   3.90$   4.06$ 0.16
On-site Drug Test   (Kit Bundle)$ 15.76$ 16.39$ 0.63


During its 3-year partnership with the state, FirstLab has worked to justify the modest built-in annual cost adjustments by offering increased benefits to state customers.  A significant example this past year was the addition of the Applicant Verification Portal that allows hiring officials to easily determine whether a job candidate has an employment disqualification related to substance abuse testing.

We hope you have found FirstLab to be a responsive and cost-effective partner.

For inquiries regarding the price increase or any products or services offered by FirstLab, please contact the state's Account Manager, Katie Marino, at (800) 732-DRUG, ext. 5565, or

For policy inquiries, or if you would like to add positions to the pre-employment and random testing programs, you may reach Gail Stowers in HRA Policy and Compliance at (404) 463-7060 or