The Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) will introduce a new online system that will impact the way some entities submit payments for DOAS products and services. The new paperless payment solution, Express Payment Acceptance System or ePAS, will offer State entities currently using paper-based or check payments, a secure, flexible method to submit payments online for the Flexible Benefits Program. The system is available at no charge and allows for quick, easy electronic payments.

Effective October 15, 2019, all Flexible Benefits customers using manual, paper-based payments are requested to use the new ePAS system. It will be available on the DOAS website. As DOAS implements the new online system, we are committed to assisting all impacted organizations transition to this new payment method. Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible, with no interruptions to business operations.


A dedicated Q&A session at the end of a recent webinar and system demonstration generated several questions and responses that may be beneficial to everyone. As a result, we created an FAQs document, which is a compilation of several answers to questions received since the launch of the project. Below you will find links to the recorded webinar, webinar presentation and the FAQs. The FAQs will be continually updated as the project progresses through implementation. 


if you have questions or comments, please feel free to send them to Eligia Familia, DOAS Accounts Receivables Manager at and (404) 651-5035.


9/30-10/3 Webinar: Express Payment System for Flexible Benefits