NEWSLETTERS and Advisories


Newsletters, advisories, and bulletins communicate guidance on topics of interest to the State Human Resources Community. 


Quarterly newsletters provide plain language guidance, typically in Question & Answer format, on various employment laws and policies. Newsletters also have articles on the State's Substances Abuse Testing program, recent State Personnel Board activity and may spotlight model agency Human Resources practices. To start receiving the newsletter, please click on the area of focus, below, titled, "Subscribe to Policy and Compliance Newsletter."


Ad hoc Human Resources Administration (HRA) advisories provide guidance on a particular current event.  The subscription to the newsletters automatically includes subscription to these advisories.


The fourth ​area of focus, below, provides a link to the HRA's Affordable Care Act Question & Answer Bulletin. This bulletin was created to provide guidance to agency Human Resources staff in the interpretation and application of the Affordable Care Act employer mandate.  It was derived from a series of questions collected by HRA from the Human Resources Community.  HRA updates this bulletin periodically as new information becomes available.  Only the most recent version is posted, below, and agencies may discard previous versions.



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