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DOAS' goal is to be the paradigm agency for the State of Georgia.  One step towards achieving this status is to build and embrace a culture of continuous workforce development.  DOAS and its HRA/Enterprise Talent Management Services division are poised​ to help state agencies achieve this through a comprehensive performance management program - to ultimately better serve the citizens of Georgia.

​​​The Enterprise Talent Management Services (ETMS) unit provides talent management solutions that empower state agency HR and business leaders to manage their workforce in an effective and efficient manner.  ETMS guides the policy and activities for the State's performance management program, focusing on improved employee engagement and continuous improvement.  Effective performance management actively involves:

  • Ongoing communication throughout the year and collaborating with employees during performance discussions
  • Assessing potential problems/barriers, and opportunities for development and continuous improvement
  • Managers and employees affirming mutual state, agency, unit and personal SMART goals.

Below is a video on Employee Performance Management:  What it is & Why it's so important.


For more information, tools and resources, and tips on effective management, please view the "Areas of Focus" below.




Performance Management Program Manager
Maria Pease



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