By: Mehrotra, Shweta

The deadline to complete agency property information updates is Friday, March 25, 2016. On Monday, March 28th  RMS will download the BLLIP data to comply with our excess insurance requirements for coverage consideration.  Requests for the BLLIP data spreadsheet should be sent to BLLIP@itos.uga.edu


We are requesting that all agencies review and update the BLLIP information to ensure all fields are populated with the necessary data for coverage consideration. Special emphasis is being directed on the population of data for year built, construction type, square footage, and number of floors which have been designated as critical fields. Completion of these fields in addition to ensuring the buildings and contents fields are reflective of replacement cost valuation will assist in positioning the State's insurance program to receive the most favorable rates from the excess insurance marketplace. Most importantly, to assist the RMS billing process, please confirm that your agency Customer ID and Customer Location are correct and populated in BLLIP on the RMS tab. 

For more information, including steps to assist in the process, please click here.