​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Auto Program is a self-funded program through the State of Georgia that covers state employees while driving on state business. Our goal is to resolve claims fairly and swiftly while protecting state agencies and state employees.


We provide liability coverage that pays for injuries and damages caused by state employees and other covered persons while performing their official duties. These losses should be called into 1-877-656-7475.


This department is also responsible for the coverage and safety education of all state employees that drive on state business. To that end, we host training seminars and provide video and presentations (see video links below).​


We now handle Auto Physical Damage Claims (damage to covered state vehicles) and General Liability Claims in which a 3rd party's vehicle is damaged by something other than one of our cars or trucks (e.g. falling trees, tollgate, mower, etc.). Forms for all these losses are posted. 


Auto Liability Coverage


This video explains key information about auto coverage and safety issues. Learn what information you'll need at the scene of an accident and whether you are covered by the State Auto Liability Insurance program or your own personal auto insurance policy. This is very important information for all state employees. Don't put your personal assets at risk! This video counts as 1 hour toward yearly training requirements. After you have watched the video, please register your participation  and provide your feedback and comments about the video,





Auto Insurance Documents


Supervisor’s Accident Follow-up Report


Certify Safety Qualification


Driver Notification


Driver Safety Tips


Georgia Liability Insurance Identification Card


General Liability Accident Report Form


Passenger Van Safety


Auto Physical Damage Agreement

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