Identifying loss exposures and safety risks, providing insurance coverage, promoting loss control, and administering claims to protect customer assets and mitigate legal liabilities ​​



Risk Management Education and Training

​​​​​​​​​​Risk Management training and education information, tools and resources are available to support state agencies workplace safety efforts and reduce preventable injury costs to the State. 

Loss Control Bulletins​



August         2017

September   2017

October        2017

November    2017

December    2017

February      2018

FY2017 Injury Review & Heat Stress

Falls from Different Levels Prevention

Emergency Action and Fire Prevention

Strains/Material Handling

Accident Investigation

Severe Weather Planning

      ​ March          2018        Bugs and Critters

       April             2018        Distracted Driving

       May              2018        Office Safety  

       June             2018        National Safety Council National

       July              2018        FY2018 Injury Review


We invite you to login onto DOAS Learning Management System "LMS" for training and education information and after training completion print the certificate. Click document LMS How To to find out how.




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