Effective July 1, 2018, Georgia law was amended through House Bill 489 to require municipalities, counties, and local boards of education to post certain bid and proposal opportunities to the Georgia Procurement Registry, which is managed by the State Purchasing Division.  To implement this requirement, the State Purchasing Division released roll-out communications to local government in May and June 2018.


During the 2019 legislative session, the Georgia General Assembly passed House Bill 322, which was recently signed into law by Governor Brian P. Kemp.   House Bill 322, effective April 28, 2019, enacts changes to the law relating to local government posting on the GPR.  For a summary of the changes, please view the May 2019 memo.



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Revised Requirements for Local Government Posting to GPR May 22, 2019


Second Memo Implementation of HB 489 June 25, 2018


Memo of Implementation of HB 489 May 18, 2018