Supplier Training

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Supplier Orientations

​​Supplier orientation sessions feature information on how to register your company to be on the state's supplier list and establish your eligibility to receive bid notices.​ At these sessions, general information will be given about the purchasing process and the various kinds of purchases that are made by government entities.

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Supplier Webinars

During these sessions, companies are shown the steps to respond to bids in Team Georgia Marketplace and eSource. They will learn how to search the Georgia Procurement Registry for open and awarded solicitations, and download and attach required documents. They will also be shown important things to remember as they navigate through the state's procurement process. If information is needed about specific events, Suppliers are encouraged to contact the associated Buyer for said solicitation.
Visit the supplier training calendar​ for all scheduled Orientation and Webinar sessions.

Pre-Recorded Training Webinars

Real-time training for suppliers is listed below. Companies can view pre-recorded training webinars or review quick reference guides for assistance with Team Georgia Marketplace and eSource functions.



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Purchasing Training Documents for Bidders and Suppliers

Training for : Bidders and Suppliers


FY2016 Policy Changes in eSource


FY2016 Policy Changes in Team Georgia Marketplace


Supplier Orientation Presentation FY2019 rev11.5.18


Manage Orders


Register as a Supplier


Maintain Bidder Information


Register as a Sourcing Bidder


GPM Updates Webinar for Suppliers May 24

Training for : Responding to Solicitations


Respond To Bids


Things to Remember for Suppliers wishing to Respond to Bids 11.5.2018


eSource Supplier Guide


eSource Supplier Quick Reference Guide