Local Government P-Card Marketplace

​​The State Purchasing Division offers an eProcurement solution for local governments to browse Statewide Contract goods and services as well as goods and services available from Georgia Enterprises for Products and Services and Georgia Correctional Industries.


With the P-Card Marketplace, you can:

  • Exchange purchase documents electronically and securely with suppliers
  • Manage purchase documents automatically, eliminating paper processes and increasing productivity
  • Communicate order status to requisitions electronically
  • Track order status automatically with participating suppliers
  • Standardize requisitioning and ordering processes with your entity
  • Analyze order data to identify savings opportunities


Services available through the P-Card Marketplace:

  • eProcurement - Purchasers can complete a request and have the order routed directly to the supplier
  • P-Card Reconciliation - Use the application to review transactions and reconcile statements
  • Contract Access - Use the internet based shopping experience to browse online catalogs of Statewide Contract goods and services and use the P-Card to pay





Local Government P-Card Marketplace
Dr. Carl Hall

Manager, Contract Management and Marketing





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