Hey Fleet! Why Do We Need You?


​I am closing in on five years here in Fleet, and we now have a glimpse of what I had pictured: we give you the tools and then we help you meet your goals. So when an agency called about an issue with ARI, we weren't concerned about how many vehicles were enrolled, just about how we could tailor the program to fit them. At the same time, we started the conversation to train their drivers on safety and coverage. When we are finished training and tweaking, we should be able to cut their maintenance costs and their accident related expenses. Perfect! 

You will be receiving the quarterly snapshot over the next few weeks. These have changed. You get the Tiering that we went over at Fleet Days, and then you get the information to pull up your scorecard. That card feeds into the Tiering Project. But, this isn't just data, it should provide direction. See how your goals fit into this, and tell us how we can help. Need to cut maintenance? We have a plan. Fewer accidents? Call me. Leasing options? It all starts with Fleet. Cheaper gas? …you've got to be kidding.