Renting Cars on a Monday


​It's good to see our partners being partners. And, like WEX, Enterprise and Hertz have provided a solution to the "Monday morning meeting, and I need a rental," problem. No one wants to rent on Friday to get to the 8:00 AM meeting Monday because you can't use that rental for personal stuff. 


Enterprise came out with a new policy to open some of their stores on Sunday and Hertz has followed suit. Check out these locations (for Enterprise, and for Hertz). I used one last Sunday. 

And speaking of locations, Enterprise just added spots around the state.

Another example, would be DNR and ARI. DNR had some issues as 1,000 more vehicles enrolled onto the program. ARI came to the meeting and is offering solutions. All of our programs save you money… there is no other reason to have them in place.