Fleet Days

​Fleet Days 2019 will consist of a full day of training, with breakout sessions for a more individualized, hands-on training experience.  General policy updates and program overviews will be limited to 30 mins at the beginning of the day. The rest of the day will be spent in the breakout sessions where we will take a deep dive into our Fleet Programs and associated Information Systems. Each classroom will have internet access so that the presenters can log into ARI, WEX, Asset Works & DriverCheck and dig in!  We recommend all new Fleet staff attend Fleet Days as well as all Fleet Managers, and any personnel who work with a Fleet, Fleet Data Management, Report My Driving, Fuel Cards, Surplus, APD, and Fleet Mandatory Statewide contracts. 

We hope to see you there!

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Fleet Days

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Fleet Day 2019 Certificate Recipients and Photos


Fleet Statewide Contracts 2019 Fleet Days Presentation


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APD/Drivers Safety Fleet Day Presentation


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WEX-WEX ClearView Fleet Day 2019 Presentation