Vision PLAN

​​Vision coverage is available through Blue Cross Blue Shield with two plan options – Select and Select Plus. Customer Service 1-855-556-4844.


Both plans offer these features:

  • Covered exams and materials;
  • Statewide access to a network of panel providers;
  • No claims to file for "in-network" benefits; and • benefits for "out-of-network" providers.


The Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision Care participating provider network includes private practice optometrists, ophthalmologists and retail chains.


Your Options


  • The Select Plan covers standard single vision and standard lined multi focal lenses for glasses. Cosmetic lens options such as tinting, UV coating, transitional lenses, etc., are not covered, but are provided to Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision's members at a savings below normal retail charges.
  • Certain standard contact lenses, including daily wear, and up to 4 boxes of standard single vision disposable contacts are covered in full for your co-payments. Under the Select Plan, if you purchase contacts that are not among Blue Cross Blue Shield Vision's "covered in full" selection, you will receive an annual $105 allowance toward the purchase of contact lenses, and professional fees (i.e., fit and follow-up).
  • To receive the full $105 allowance under the Select Plan, you must receive your exam, fitting and evaluation at a single visit to the same network provider. The allowance will only apply to one purchase per plan year. You must submit all receipts at the same time. Any balance remaining and not used during the plan year when the purchase occurred will be forfeited.




Vision Plan
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