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New Hire Orientation Supporting Tools

The purpose of this webpage is to provide supporting tools to assist state agencies' human resources representatives with the development of their own new-hire orientation training.  The supporting tools available from this page include videos, supplemental materials, and resources to welcome the employee, review the state structure, and highlight the benefits the State offers to employees. The content included in the videos and supplemental materials have been developed by subject matter experts in their fields of expertise and represent information that they deem important for newly hired employees to review.​

The materials are available for download from this site to assist agency resources to develop the New-Hire Orientation training specific to the agency. The use of these supporting tools will help agencies:

     •  Standardize orientation content for executive branch employees for common items

     •  Reduce the costs/resources from agencies individually to explain the same 

        content repeatedly

     •  Make the orientation material available from anywhere at anytime



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