​​​​​​​​The FirstRequest Portal - Electronic Chain of Custody Form and Electronic Scheduling

As telework and electronic methods of communication increase, HRA-Policy continues to search for ways to improve the drug screening process for state agencies. Vault Health offers the First Request Portal to allow agencies to complete their Chain of Custody Form (eCCF) electronically. The FirstRequest Portal also provides for electronic scheduling (eScheduling) with specified collection sites. The Portal has proven to be successful and efficient during a recent pilot with state agencies. The use of the FirstRequest Portal provided the following benefits:

Benefits of Using the FirstRequest Portal​
▪ Less paperwork. Drug screening requests and collection-site appointments are all electronic, so there is no need for paperwork. Paperwork may be printed for agencies requiring specific documentation in their paper files.

▪ Elimination of the need for in-person reporting. Given ongoing issues and concerns with COVID-19 (which includes the need for social distancing), FirstRequest Portal allows agencies to complete all paperwork electronically, including the scheduling of the drug screening, emailing the electronic Chain of Custody form, as well as notifying the employee and supervisor of the scheduled screening. As a result, applicants/employees will not need to report before testing to the human resources office before testing.

▪ Increase in accuracy and efficiency. ​When using the eCCF, there is a decrease in the number of errors made, which equates to the improved turnaround time for results. Use of the eCCF also eliminates the need for ordering and shipping paper copies which are subject to damages and harm.




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