Georgia State Indemnification Program

​​​​​​​​​The state of Georgia recognized the unique hazards inherent in certain public occupations that led the General Assembly to establish the Georgia State Indemnification Program.


The program provides a financial benefit for designated public officers and public school personnel who are disabled or killed in the line of duty. Benefits under the Public Officers Indemnification Fund include payments for permanent disability, supplemental income, and for death. Eligible public officers include law enforcement officers, firefighters, prison guards, publicly employed emergency medical technicians, emergency management rescue specialists, state highway employees, and active members of the Georgia National Guard, when called into service by the Governor. 

Also, as part of this program, the Public School Indemnification Fund provides for payments for any public school employee who is killed or permanently disabled by an act of violence in the line of duty on or after July 1, 2001. The program is funded by the revenue generated by the sale of special license plates honoring Georgia educators. Each program is governed by a commission designated by statute and administered by DOAS.









Georgia State Indemnification Program​




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