2023 Government Attendee Vision Awards

​The awards will recognize agency/university procurement programs and initiatives with a vision for the future that are innovative, efficient, and transferable.


  • Submissions must be made in writing by March 3, 2023.
  • Nominated programs/projects should have occurred between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022.
  • Only complete submissions will be accepted and evaluated for award
  • Submissions will only be accepted online



Innovation: Unique approach, scale or magnitude of effort, conceptual originality.  “What makes this project stand out as a notable contribution/contributor in procurement/contract and supplier management?

Transferability: External focus that assesses the practical ability to have this effort adopted by other governmental entities to improve the purchasing experience.

Value: Internal focus that demonstrates project results including actual or potential cost savings, labor savings, customer service enhancement, or other efficiencies/value established through implementing the proposed solution.


Nomination Perspectives:

The list below offers some ideas of projects/outcomes that you might consider:

  • Significant impact on the wider organization
  • Partnering with Small Business
  • Encouraging engagement of procurement staff in solicitation development process
  • Leadership, Training, and Mentorship Principles or Programs
  • Innovation or significant improved transformation of the procurement function (new or improved solution, process, or initiative)
  • Collaboration with other functions, entities, or suppliers
  • Customer Service
  • Improvement in Consistent Delivery, Cost, Risk Management, or Contract Processes
  • Audits, Internal Controls and Process Development
  • Strategic Sourcing
  • Technology
  • Networking
  • Professional Development
  • Innovations in Contract and Supplier Management


Tip 1
Keep it concise and focus on the benefits. Reviewers are  looking for tangible evidence of success in every entry. Without this, it is extremely difficult to make a call on whether a project deserves recognition.

Tip 2
Write like a journalist. Trained journalists write the most important information first, then move onto the second most important, and so on. Adopting this style means that reviewers will be more likely to engage with your entry.

Tip 3
Check for spelling and mistakes. Make sure your entry is proofread, spell-checked and reviewed by several people. It may be worthwhile asking a non-staff member to read it also, as often assumptions of knowledge are included.

Tip 4
Every great success can only be judged within its context. Ensure you tell the story. Why was your project essential? Where was the procurement function before the transformation? What was happening before risks were mitigated, etc.?

Tip 5
Reviewers want to see results. How have those results helped the wider organization? Be sure to link the results to your objectives and allow the reviewers to see your successes in that context.​




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2023 Government Attendee Vision Awards

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