Reciprocal Preference Law

​​​​​Georgia does not have a percentage Preference Law; however, we do reciprocate based on other states or preferences of other states. You can view State-by-State Reciprocal Preference Data online​.​

Resident vendors in the State of Georgia are to be granted the same preference over vendors resident in another state in the same manner, on the same basis and to the same extent, that preference is granted in awarding bids or proposals for the same goods or services by such other state to vendors resident therein over vendors resident in the State of Georgia. This preference is used for evaluation purposes only. All State Entities are required to apply this reciprocal preference.

All State Entities responsible for the maintenance of public lands shall give preference to the use of compost and mulch in all road building, land maintenance and land development activities. Preference shall be given to compost and mulch made in the State of Georgia from organics which are source separated from the state's non-hazardous solid waste stream. 




Reciprocal Preference Law
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