Tier Three: Mandatory statutory sources

​Georgia Enterprises for Products and Services (GEPS)

The "State Use Law" in Section 50-5-135 of the Official Code of Georgia is intended to create opportunities for disabled persons employed by community-based rehabilitation programs and training centers that are certified by the State Use Council.  Section of the Georgia Procurement Manual requires State Entities to purchase items from GEPS when the State Use Council has designated those items as mandatory. These items are in Tier Three of the Order of Precedence. Click below for the current list of mandatory items. 


Georgia Enterprises for Products and Services

100 Edgewood Avenue NE, Suite 975

Atlanta GA 30303

Phone: 404-521-1777

Fax: 404-521-1714

Georgia Enterprises Website


Georgia Correctional Industries (GCI)

The Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Corrections may certify certain products or service as "available and of competitive quality and price". Only the goods or services that are reported to SPD as certified based on cost, delivery schedules, and availability within 15 days of notice of certification are in Tier Three of the Order of Precedence. See below for links to the current GCI Certified Products and Services List and the Georgia Correctional Industries web site.


Georgia Correctional Industries

2984 Clifton Springs Road

Decatur, Georgia 30034 

Phone: 404-244-5100 

Fax: 404-244-5141

Georgia Correctional Industries Website






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Tier Three: Mandatory Statutory Sources


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