Tier Two: State Entity (Agency) Contracts

These are contracts negotiated by the State Entity or by SPD on behalf of a State Entity.  Procurement personnel must purchase goods and services that are available on existing contracts established by their State Entity.  Any deviations must be documented and approved by the Agency/University Procurement Officer.  Ordinarily, a State Entity would not have a contract for the same goods or services as those covered by a Statewide Contract.  However, in the event a State Entity contract is in place at the time of award of a new Mandatory Statewide Contract, the State Entity should notify SPD and coordinate the transition from the State Entity contract to the Statewide Contract.


Purchases from existing State Entity contracts can be made from either an "open" or a "fixed" contract.  Spend from purchases on "fixed" State Entity contracts should be carefully monitored to ensure the spend does not exceed the award amount.  Spend on "open" State Entity contracts should be carefully monitored to ensure the spend does not exceed the entity's delegated purchasing authority.