Marketplace Facilitator Law Takes Effect April 1


Legislative Update: Marketplace Facilitator Law Takes Effect April 1


On January 30, 2020, Governor Brian P. Kemp signed House Bill 276, commonly called the "marketplace facilitator" law, requiring online sellers to remit sales taxes to the Georgia Department of Revenue for Georgia sales effective April 1, 2020. While the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) Surplus Property Division has always collected the winning bidder's payment and remitted the tax, GovDeals and Public Surplus will now be responsible for these transactions.


DOAS Surplus Property decided that while implementing this process change to also change the fee structure so that winning bidders will pay a bidder's fee to cover the additional processing costs.


As Surplus Property continues to work with its vendors to finalize remaining plans, this change will be transparent to state agencies, universities, colleges, and technical colleges.


For more information about the new law, visit House Bill 276 or if you have questions about the fee structure, contact Surplus Property at 404-657-8544.