Just like state agencies have accountants to manage funds and HR specialists to assist​ employees, Asset Managers need special skills and tools.  After our people and facilities, property is our single largest asset.​

The videos and documents featured in the Areas of Focus provide information about the Surplus process, an introduction to asset management, a brief orientation about becoming a Donee, and information on the Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program.  You can find additional training on Surplus related topics in Team Ge​orgia Learning, the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) Learning Management System (LMS).​
Training for State Agencies
Surplus training sessions for FY21 have concluded. Please be on the lookout for FY22 Surplus training this Fall. Email us at Surplus.property@doas.ga.gov to be added to the Surplus training notification list or if you need other Surplus support.




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