Just like state agencies have accountants to manage funds and HR specialists to assist​ employees, Asset Managers need special skills and tools.  After our people and facilities, property is our single largest asset.​

The videos and documents featured in the Areas of Focus provide information about the Surplus process, an introduction to asset management, a brief orientation about becoming a Donee, and information on the Federal Surplus Personal Property Donation Program.  You can find additional training on Surplus related topics in Team Ge​orgia Learning, the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) Learning Management System (LMS).​

                                                                                                                                    Training for State Agencies​ 
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*All training is held viturally. 

Course:Surplus Property Disposal for Beginners and Non-Surplus Staff  

Duration: 1hr 30mins
Course description: Recommended for State staff that are new to the surplus role or State staff that are in possession of State-owned property and need to disposed of it. This course will discuss what is surplus property, what can be done with property no longer needed, and what information is required for your agency to properly dispose of surplus assets.

Course: Surplus Property Disposal for AssetWorks Users and Property Coordinators. 
Requirement: Must have AssetWorks credentials or be listed on Agency Eligibility account. 
Duration: 1hr 30mins
Course description: Recommended for AssetWorks Users or State staff in asset management and surplus disposal. This course will provide AssetWorks entry tips, go over how to generate reports in AssetWorks, and review the required information for surplus disposal.​


Surplus Training Enrol​lment.pdf



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