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A Step-by-Step Submission Guide document is available here​ and below.​

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This website is a reminder that the Georgia statewide contract (SWC) with your business requires that you to provide a sales report to the Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) and to promptly remit any administrative fees and/or rebates payable to DOAS upon receipt of an administrative fee invoice, unless otherwise notified. Maintaining compliance with the terms of your statewide contract is critical to preserving your eligibility to remain a statewide contract holder and to compete for future contract opportunities.​

For more information regarding Quarterly Sales Report submission and Administrative Fee submission, please review the document available here ​and below.


​​What's my template type?


Fuel Card Template

Fuel Card Management Services

Goods and Information Technology Template

Administrative Vehicles
All Terrain Vehicles, Utility
Apple Computer Hardware
Auto, Truck, Bus Parts and Maintenance Parts Management
Automobile Parts
Biological Supplies and Lab Equipment
Bread and Related Bakery Products
CCTV Boxed Products
CCTV Products, Services, and Installation
Certified Audio Visual Product and Select Services
Computer Peripherals and General Audio Visual Products
Custodial and Hospitality Supplies
Data Communications System
Desktop Printers
Diagnostic Instruments
Drugs, Generic
Electronic Monitoring Equipment and Services
General Office Supplies, Paper and Toner
Georgia School Buses and/or Related Equipment, Supplies
Guns and Ammunition
Hospital and Medical Supplies
Industrial, Medical and Special Gas
IT Networking Equipment
Lamps, Ballasts, Fixtures
Lowe's Walk-In Solution
Maintenance, Repair & Operation
Maintenance, Repair & Operation - Building Supplies
Milk, Ice Cream and Related Products
Office, Computer and Education
Paint, Interior/Exterior and Associated Supplies
PC Hardware, Related Equipment and Services
Petroleum Product: Diesel and Gasoline
Petroleum, Liquid Gas (LP) Reg
Police Pursuit Vehicles
Storage / Backup and Recovery
Tractors & Mowers
Truck Stake Body/Dump Cab/Chas
Truck Stake Body/Dump Cab/Chassis
Two-Way Radio Hardware
Vehicle Lifts NJPA

Information Technology with Lease Component Template

Mail Equipment
Multifunctional Devices Print/ Copy/ Scan/Fax (Segments 2-4)
Multifunctional Devices Print/Copy/Scan/Fax (Segments 5+)

Natural Gas Template

Natural Gas Firm G-11
Natural Gas, Interruptible Services

Presort and Fulfillment Template

Presort Mail and Fulfillment Services

Services Template

AVL Telematics

Background Investigative Reports

Document Management Services

Equipment Maintenance Services
Expedited Delivery Services
Facility Maintenance Services
Media Buying Services
Offset Printing and Related Services
Rapid Copy and Digital Printing Services
Sign Language and Hearing Impaired Services
Statewide Substance Abuse Program
Translation Services

Services with Temporary Staffing Component Template

Armed Security Service (GA DOD Certified)
IT Staffing - Temporary - VMS​
Security Service, Armed and Unarmed
Temporary Staffing-Clerical & Light Industrial

Vehicle Leasing Template

Open & Closed Vehicle Leasing

Vehicle Maintenance Template

Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Inventory Management Services

Vehicle Rental Template

Bus Rentals
Capitol Hill Airpt Car Rental
In-State Car Rental​



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Quarterly Sales Reports

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Statewide Contract Data and Administrative Fee Submission Reminder


NEW! QRG - Quarter Sales Report Submission


NEW! QRG - QSR Payment Using ePAS Payment System


Quarterly Sales Report - who to report guide


Goods and Information Technology Quarterly Sales Report Template


Information Technology with Lease Component Quarterly Sales Report Template


Natural Gas Quarterly Sales Report Template


Presort and Fulfillment Quarterly Sales Report Template


Fuel Card Quarterly Sales Report Template


Vehicle Leasing Quarterly Sales Report Template


Vehicle Maintenance Quarterly Sales Report Template


Vehicle Rental Quarterly Sales Report Template


Services with Temporary Staffing Component Quarterly Sales Report Template


Services Quarterly Sales Report Template