ARI Insights​ is a statewide fleet maintenance system that captures and monitors vehicle transactions and utilization. ARI enables us to maximize how critical fleet assets are purchased, maintained and optimized throughout their useful life. As a central repository for vehicle-related information, this system has comprehensive and specific data pertaining to vehicle mileage, cost, assignment, repair, acquisition and disposal.

With ARI, you can view and manage detailed maintenance, fuel and odometer readings through the centralized, online system. Fuel transactions are imported from Wright Express will have more detailed data including fuel type, fuel cost, number of gallons, and odometer readings—all on one screen. 

For agencies using the statewide contracts for fuel with Wright Express and for maintenance with ARI, transaction information will be available within days or hours of transactions, rather than the weeks- or month long-wait for reports.

Manual entry of fuel, maintenance and odometer history will be streamlined and existing data importing options will continue. Each agency fleet will have a mileage accuracy rating by vehicle at their finger tips. The ARI Insights​ main screen offers a dashboard with detailed visual graphs, custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and performance alerts that offer key information about the status of your fleet, such as overdue maintenance, vehicle inventory, missing data, and average cost per mile.



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