CLCP Video Series

​​Below, please enjoy our series of nine short videos that provide further information on the Comprehensive Loss Control Program. After watching the videos, please return to Register Your Participation and provide your feedback. 



Introduction to the Comprehensive Loss Control Program.




The executive summary of the CLCP, its implementation plan, incentives and penalties and its eight program components.

​Employee Education and Training

Support provided and the requirements of this component.

Employee Accident Prevention

Creation of systems to prevent employee injuries.

Property and Fidelity (Employee Theft)

Requirements for maintenance of buildings and properties, for prevention of employee theft and a disciplinary action system.



General Liability

Requirements for employment practices and for premises and operations loss control.



​Workers' Compensation - Return to Work

Support and requirements for a RTW policy and its implementation.



​Auto Liability and Physical Damage

Requirements for a Motor Vehicle Use Policy, a Driver Qualification Program, Accident Review Panels and Full Compliance with the Report My Driving Program.

​Fleet Management

Requirements for a vehicle maintenance program that conforms to the DOAS Fleet Management system.​