​The State Purchasing Division establishes Statewide Contracts (SWCs) for the benefit of both State and Local government entities throughout Georgia. By leveraging the State's purchasing power, SPD establishes competitive statewide contracts for a variety of products, services, and equipment.  State and Local governments can benefit from the convenience and competitive pricing of these pre-established contracts.  Contracts include commonly used commodities such as office supplies, office furniture, motor vehicles, temporary staffing, building supplies, and many other commodities and services.  To learn what goods and services are currently available on statewide contracts, see the relative sections below based on your role.


General Public


Click Statewide Contract Index and log in using the following guest ID and password  to navigate to the "Contracts" tab to search or browse available contracts.


ID: tgmguest

password: tgmguest


State of Georgia Fuel Price Index


Government entities can obtain up-to-date prices on the Statewide Contract for bulk petroleum and fuel by accessing the OPIS Fuel Price Index below. Details on the contract for gasoline, diesel and liquid gas can be found in the Statewide Contract Index.


State Agencies/Technical Colleges on Team Georgia Marketplace


Log in through PeopleSoft, access the Virtual Catalog, and navigate to the "Contracts" tab to search or browse available contracts.


Window Shoppers

Window Shopper allows users who do not have access to the on-line catalog via PeopleSoft to access the same catalog.  The only difference is that you cannot create requisitions or purchase orders.  However, you do have access to all contract information, including available goods and services and up-to-date pricing information.


Click Statewide Contract Index and use your Window Shopper ID to navigate to the "Contracts" tab to search or browse available contracts.  Additional instructions, including how to request a Window Shopper user ID, can be found in the Window Shopper Quick Reference Guide.


​If you have questions pertaining to a specific contract, please contact the State Purchasing issuing officer/contract manager identified in the contract information or contact the State Purchasing Help Desk at 404-657-6000.




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