​​​​​​​​​Team Georgia Marketplace improves processes and creates efficiencies by implementing a technology-driven solution that would accomplish the state's strategic objectives.


The Team Georgia Marketplace Tools


The applications that make up Team Georgia Marketplace are available in PeopleSoft, so if you currently use PeopleSoft you will be familiar with the login process and the format of the screens, but you will be trained to use the applications that you need to use within your work role. 


Here are the basic tools available in Team Georgia Marketplace.....



Think of this application as the online version of a requisition form.  ePro, as it is call, allows a user to complete a request and have the request automatically routed to the right people for approval.


pCard Reconciliation

Cardholders use this application to review the transactions made using their card and approve the purchases or reconcile the statement, completely online.


Strategic Sourcing

Buyers use this application to electronically create a sourcing event and analyze any of the responses from qualified suppliers.


​Contract Management

This application is used by contract administrators, attorneys, and other specialists who work with contracts between the State and suppliers.  Contracts can be created, revised, and managed electronically using this application.


​​Window Shopper

This feature is an electronic window into the contents of the online catalogs that comprise the items in Team Georgia marketplace.  It allows a person who wants to buy something for their Agency or government organization to review and compare prices as well as gain item information needed to create a purchase order.  An ID and password are needed to access the Window Shopper.  Talk to your Agency procurement professional to obtain access or call 404-657-6000.


Completion of specific courses is required for users before they can log into the Team Georgia Marketplace applications. Check the documents, below, to see the list of courses and how to register in the Learning Management System. 




TGM for State Agencies
Procurement Help Desk




View All Division Contacts

TGM Documents for State and Local


November 2019 ePro Webinar


9.2 Quick Reference Guide List


GPR Quick Reference Guide List


Virtual Catalog Quick Reference Guide List


Contracts Module Query


eProcurement Module Query


Pcard Module Query


Strategic Sourcing Module Query


Training Requirements for Team Georgia Marketplace System Access