​​​​​​​​​Managing the disposal of state and federal property through equitable redistribution to eligible customers or public sale to maximize transparency and asset value.​




​The primary mission of the DOAS ​Surplus Property division is the identification, redistribution, and disposal of state personal property (not real estate) to state and local governments, eligible non-profits, and the public. The division also serves as the State Agency for Surplus Property [SASP] for the Federal property disposal programs.​

Reusing surplus property rather than buying new, saves tax dollars by extending the life of property.​​​



"Surplus, Your First Source of Supply"




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Virtual Surplus Business Model


​By leveraging available technology, Surplus Property conducts "on-site disposals" of state surplus.  We move information instead of material. Through the effective use of commercial auction sites like GovDeals, Public Surplus, and eBay. Property is now readily available to the public in the community where it is used.  This completely virtual business model has streamlined operations, reduced operational expenses and provided a broader buyer audience more immediate access to available inventory. DOAS offers cost-effective and efficient disposal of personal property, including vehicles. Contracts with local auto auctions allows state entities to enjoy maximum flexibility through disposal of vehicles on or off-site.