Stage 1: Need Identification

​​​​​​​​​The procurement process begins with the identification of a purchasing need. For example, the APO/CUPO may receive a request directly from an end user to establish a contract for certain needed services. SPD may determine establishment of a statewide contract would best serve multiple state entities sharing a common purchasing need. Whatever the purchasing need may be, there are a few critical preliminary steps the procurement professional must complete as described in the Georgia Procurement Manual

The Statewide Contract Waiver Request is now a fully automated, online submission process.  Please click here to submit a Statewide Contract Waiver Request.  

Please click here​ to access a Quick Reference Guide on submitting a Statewide Contract Waiver Request.​



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Stage: 1 Documents


Statewide Contract Waiver Request


Notice of Intent to Utilize Consortium or Cooperative Agreement Form


Piggyback Request Form


Emergency Justification Form


Fact-Finding Agenda