Stage 2: Pre-Solicitation

​​​​By proceeding to Chapter 2 - Stage 2 - Pre-Solicitation, of the Georgia Procurement Manual, the procurement professional has determined a solicitation will be conducted to acquire the needed goods/services. The type of solicitation will be determined in this stage. If the state entity is not certain whether a solicitation is required, the procurement professional must first review Chapter 1 - Stage 1 - Need Identification, of the Georgia Procurement Manual and apply its methodology. A state entity may elect to conduct a competitive solicitation even when doing so is not required. For example, the state entity may elect to conduct a competitive solicitation even though the identified goods or services are exempt from competitive bidding pursuant to the State Purchasing Act.


The Pre-Solicitation Stage addresses several steps which must be completed by the procurement professional before preparing the solicitation. These major pre-solicitation steps are discussed in detail in the second chapter of the Georgia Procurement Manual, with support documentation below.



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Stage: 2 Documents


Fast Track RFP Request


eRequisition Submission Form


eRequisition Submission Form - Instructions


Purchase Requisition Form


Sole-Brand Justification Form


Sole-Brand Instructions


Sole Source Intent to Award Form


State Entity RFx Project Plan


State Entity eRFI Template


State Entity RFI Template