Additional State Policies

​In addition to the policies managed by DOAS, additional state policies can be found below.


Office of Planning and Budget

Administrative and Human Resources Joint State Policies


Related to Documentation and Files

      Medical Record Retrieval Rates

Related to Equipment

      Acquisition and Use of Telecommunications Services and Equipment

      Purchase and Use of Motor Vehicles

Related to Personnel

      Budgetary Approval Process for Personnel Classification Actions

      Military Pay, Military Differential Pay and Benefits for State Employees

      Payment of Overtime and Granting of Compensatory Time

      Temporary Staffing Policy

      Rehired Retirees

Related to Taxes and Fees

      Reimbursement of Commercial Drivers' License Fees

      Tax Exemption Guidelines for State Agencies

Related to Travel

      Intrastate Relocation Expenses to State Employees

      Payment and Accounting for Travel Advances

      Relocation Expenses of Employees Transferred to Foreign Countries

      Statewide Travel Regulations


Click on the following links for the Joint Policies of OPB and the State Accounting Office and for the Official Code of Georgia Annotated.



Office of the State Treasurer 

      State Depository & Bank Fee Policy

      State Electronic Payments Policy

      OST Investment Policy

      Local Government Investment Pool Trust Policy

      Investment Policy for Approved State Agency Accounts


State Accounting Office

      Accounting Policy Manual

      Business Process Policies

      State Travel Policy

      Group Meal Policy

      Georgia State Board of Accountancy Laws, Rules and Policy

      Recognized Enterprise Applications