A man weaering a safety vest and carrying a clipboard conducts a building inspection.

Risk Management

​​​​Identifying loss exposures and safety risks, providing insurance coverage, promoting loss control, and administering claims to protect customer assets and mitigate legal liabilities​.

We are responsible for directing risk management and insurance services for all state agencies and employees.

We manage these services and programs:

  • Workers' compensation
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Property insurance
  • Claims administration
  • Georgia State Indemnification Program
  • Risk management consultation and training

Our mission is to help protect the state’s employees and citizens, as well as to assure good stewardship of state funds and assets.

Who We Serve

State Entities Risk Coordinators
A pair of women discuss risk assessments.
State Entities Risk Coordinators

Employees who manage day-to-day administration of workers’ comp, auto, liability, property, cyber, and unemployment insurance, as well as comprehensive loss control programs for their agencies.

State Entities Workers' Compensation Coordinators
Image of a worker's compensation form on a desk.
State Entities Workers' Compensation Coordinators

Assist employees with work-related injuries and illnesses by obtaining appropriate medical care and recovery services and ensures the safe return to normal work activities.

Georgia Public Officers and School Personnel
Image of a teacher at a desk reviewing risk assessment forms.
Georgia Public Officers and School Personnel

Public law enforcement officers and school personnel who are enrolled and entitled to additional financial benefit if they are disabled or killed in the line of duty.

Image of a man tripping on tape in a warehouse.

Individuals who submit liability claims against the state for damages to personal property.

How-to Guides

Image of a person looking up data on using a laptop computer.

How Can My Agency Access Claims Data?

There may be times when a state entity wishes to see their organization’s insurance claims data to…
For: RMS-State Entities Risk Coordinators, RMS-State Entities Workers’ Compensation Coordinators
Image of a doctor looking something up on her phone while seated at a desk with a laptop computer.

How to Request Proof of Medical Malpractice Insurance

The Department of Administrative Services’ (DOAS) Risk Management Services (RMS) division provides…
For: RMS-Georgia Public Officers and School Personnel, RMS-State Entities Risk Coordinators, RMS-State Entities Workers’ Compensation Coordinators

Upcoming Events

Risk Management Seminar

October 18, 2023
Join us for a half-day seminar on the latest changes to risk…
For: RMS-State Entities Risk Coordinators


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