​​​​Identifying loss exposures and safety risks, providing insurance coverage, promoting loss control, and administering claims to protect customer assets and mitigate legal liabilities​




The Risk Management Services (RMS) division​ of DOAS directs the State's internal workers' compensation, liability, property, and unemployment insurance programs and also manages the Georgia State Indemnification programs for public officers and educators. Through these efforts, RMS assures good stewardship of state funds and the protection of state assets.​



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​Workers' Compensation


The state of Georgia’s Workers’ Compensation Program is administered through a contract with Georgia Administrative Services, which is a third-party administrator. The program provides monetary supplements for absences from work, as well as medical care through the AmeriSys Managed Care Organization and other costs associated with job related injuries. Georgia Focus is a three-tiered approach of the Workers’ Compensation Program that places the primary focus on taking care of employees — their safety, care and recovery. The Return-to-Work Program is an innovative approach to assisting employees with injuries and illnesses to return to their normal activities as soon as possible.



Comprehensive Loss Control


This program helps state agencies develop a Risk Management culture to increase safety awareness and reduce claims.

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Indemnification Program


​The Indemnification Program provides a financial benefit for designated public officers and public school personnel who are disabled or killed in the line of duty. Benefits under the Public Officers Indemnification Fund include payments for permanent disability, supplemental income, and death. Eligible public officers include law enforcement officers, firefighters, prison guards, publicly employed emergency medical technicians, emergency management rescue specialists, state highway employees, and active members of the Georgia National Guard; when called into service by the governor.​

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