​​​​​​​​​​Providing guidance and data on the ownership, operation, and use of state vehicles to ensure compliance, lower costs, and a safer workplace. ​



Fleet management

​DOAS' Office of Fleet Management (OFM) centralizes responsibility for data collection, auditing, education, oversight and guidance for fleet management functions throughout the state of Georgia. Fleet Management provides guidance and education regarding use of industry best management practices, adherence to state fleet policies and procedures, executive orders, and other regulatory programs. OFM's primary mission is to ensure the state fleet is managed cost-effectively, from the initial acquisition of vehicles through their disposal. 



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Fuel Card Program

The Department of Administrative Services Fuel Card Program provided through WEX , is a solution for managing fleet fuel needs. State and local governments in Georgia, including State Authorities and Commissions, counties, municipalities, school districts, community service boards and special districts are eligible to use the Fuel Card program. 


Vehicle Maintenance


The Motor Vehicle Maintenance Program provides a total fleet management solution to state and local governments. The program, offered through Automotive Resources International (ARI), prov ides a cost-effective method of handling and tracking motor vehicle operational expenses. 

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Managing Your Fleet Efficiently


ARI Insights is a statewide fleet management system that captures and monitors vehicle transactions and utilization. ARI enables us to maximize how critical fleet assets are purchased, maintained and optimized throughout their useful life. As a central repository for vehicle-related information, this system has comprehensive  and specific data pertaining to vehicle mileage, cost, assignment, repair, acquisition and disposal.


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