Workers’ Compensation

The Department of Administrative Services (DOAS) Risk Management Services self-insures the state of Georgia Workers' Compensation Program. The program is administered through a contract with DOAS, the third-party administrator.

The program provides employees monetary supplements for absences from work, as well as medical care through Amerisys Managed Care Organization and other costs associated with job-related injuries.

“Georgia Focus,” a component of the Workers’ Compensation Program, is our three-tiered approach to ensure the safety, care and recovery of employees are a priority of the state.

  • Tier 1 proactively addresses the safety of employees through job hazard analysis, education and corrective actions to hazardous conditions.
  • Tier 2 is a managed approach to the care of employees in the event of an injury. Timely reporting of injuries by the supervisor ensures injured workers receive prompt care and benefits to which they are entitled. Employees who suffer a job-related injury are provided appropriate and effective medical care.
  • Tier 3 is a return-to-work team approach that focuses on an employee's ability as opposed to their disability. This approach enables the employee to return to work sooner and within their medical restrictions.

Related Documents and Forms

Georgia Focus

Created: 2/19/2015
This document provides an employee with the tools and resources needed to return to work through the program.

Georgia Activity Analysis

Created: 3/3/2020
 The primary physical, mental, and environmental demands of a specific job function are documented in this document.

Incident Notice Only

Created: 2/2/2022
In the case of incidents that do not result in injuries, the Incident Notice Only form must be used.

Job Hazard Analysis

Created: 3/3/2020
An analysis and documentation tool for identifying and documenting specific job steps, hazards, and corrective measures.

Leave Election

Created: 3/3/2020
The form must be completed in order to indicate how lost time compensation will be paid to the injured employee.

Medical Authorization

Created: 3/4/2020
Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation authorization and consent to release medical information form.

Mileage Form

Created: 11/29/2018
This form is used to request reimbursement for mileage incurred during travel related to a work injury claim.

Reporting Instructions

Created: 12/3/2018
Instructions for reporting injuries to a telephonic vendor. Claims cannot be filed by employees themselves.

RTW Supervisor Form

Created: 11/30/2018
A state supervisor should complete this form indicating whether the employee's current position or job duties can…

Supervisor Guide

Created: 2/3/2016
The purpose of this guide is to assist supervisors in reporting and handling workplace accidents and injuries…

Supervisor's Accident Investigation

Created: 3/10/2020
This document will provide a comprehensive analysis of the accident and help to identify any potential causes of the…

Transitional Employment Plan

Created: 2/2/2022
This form is used to document the Transitional Employment Plan as agreed to between supervisor and employee.

Wage Statement

Created: 3/4/2020
The Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation calculates an employee's wage based on the gross wages…

WC/MCO Panel

Created: 2/16/2023
Workers' Compensation Panel of Physicians that should be displayed in a conspicuous location to ensure employees…

Employee Brochure - WC MCO - AmerSysi

Created: 1/21/2021
The 3-fold brochure will provide a comprehensive overview of the Workers' Compensation program, highlighting its…

Workers' Compensation MCO At A Glance

Created: 4/5/2022
This document is a one-page overview of Georgia's Workers' Compensation Managed Care Organization. It should…

Witness Statement

Created: 11/29/2018
This statement should include a description of the accident, when it happened, any injuries that occurred, and any…

Injured Worker Emergency Care Card

Created: 1/21/2021
This wallet card provides key contacts and information for your claim.

Bill of Rights

Created: 1/27/2023
WC-BOR WC-BILL of rights Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation bill of rights for the injured worker.

Bill of Rights (spanish version)

Created: 7/17/2017
Spanish Version WC-BOR WC-BILL of rights Georgia State Board of Workers' Compensation bill of rights for the…

Workers' Comp Handbook

Created: 3/4/2020
This handbook is an important resource for all employees of the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation.

Fraud Notice Spanish

Created: 3/10/2020
It is important to be aware of the penalties associated with Workers' Compensation fraud in Spanish, as they can…

Fraud Notice

Created: 2/2/2016
It is important to be aware of the penalties associated with Workers' Compensation fraud, as they can include…

Employees Report of Injury

Created: 2/22/2022
This form should be completed by employees when they report injuries caused by an incident. Filling out this form…

MyMatrixx Quick Reference Guide

Created: 10/31/2018
MyMatrixx reference guide is for AmeriSys and the state of Georgia. It identifies the PBM Team and how to submit…

Workers' Compensation Temporary Prescription ID Card

Created: 6/22/2020
A temporary prescription ID Card from MyMatrixx that allows injured workers to receive prescription medications and…

WCMC Panel Espanol - Spanish

Created: 9/13/2023
Spanish Workers' Compensation Panel of Physicians that should be displayed in a conspicuous location to ensure…

DOAS Risk Brochure

Created: 9/13/2023
The brochure is designed to provide injured workers with detailed information about their rights and benefits under the…

Best Practices for Worker's Compensation

Created: 9/13/2023
This video explains why the worker's compensation program needs to be improved. There are several areas that are crucial to the success of a worker's compensation program. Program improvements can be made based on recommendations.