How to Complete a Vendor Return: Trade-in

A Vendor Return/Trade-in occurs when state agencies trade in material in exchange for a concession when acquiring new, like property. Vendor Return transactions must be submitted to and authorized by the Surplus Property Division.

Requests for Vendor Returns must include a vendor quote on letterhead with the new assets being received, the assets being traded, and the trade-in value. Trade-ins must benefit the State. Such benefits could include a discount on new material or cost avoidance on the removal or disposal of the old property.

Examples of typical Vendor Returns are:

  • IT or computer replacement procurements (vendor agrees to remove old equipment)
  • Capital equipment procurement (e.g., tractors)
  • Building systems replacements (e.g., HVAC removal)
  • “Totaled” vehicle damage where the other party pays for liability
  • Weapon upgrades from state-wide contract