Vehicle Photo Requirements

The purpose of these photos is to most accurately communicate the details and condition of the vehicle. Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Take photos of the vehicle from different angles.
  2. Take close up shots of key details.
  3. Make sure that only the vehicle in the photo is the vehicle to be disposed of. Other vehicles should not be in the background.
  4. Use correct lighting. In other words, have the sun behind you and avoid shadows.
  5. Name the photos for easy identification.
  6. Designate a folder to store the pictures to make them easy to find when you upload them.
  7. Save in .jpg format
  8. If using a phone, save as Medium size. The maximum size of each picture is 1MB (generally, this is 600x400 pixels).
  9. Record picture names or numbers from the camera on the Vehicle Inspection Form. This is an important step that will allow you to quickly identify the desired pictures for uploading. Use the form to make notes about the vehicle as you take the photos.

Required Views

Photos generate interest and bring in more money. Take lots of photos. Make sure the vehicle is clean before taking the photos.

These are the minimum number of views that you need:

  1. Photograph the vehicle’s exterior including:
    • The front corner of the car on the driver’s side. 
    • The rear passenger corner.
  2. Take two interior photos or the front and rear seats (if applicable) with the door(s) open.
  3. Take a picture of the engine and any special items you may want to feature.
  4. Photograph any damage.
  5. Take as many views as necessary to accurately show the vehicle.
  6. Take additional interior photos of the back of vans and pickups.
  7. Ramps, hoists, or other specialized equipment.