Fuel Card Analytics Tools

WEX ClearView Analytics

WEX ClearView is an intuitive cloud-based platform that provides Fleet Managers with an integrated, dynamic view of fuel-related activities and expenses to do the following:

  1. Review transaction activity for cost-saving opportunities, and gain a clearer picture of fleet performance, efficiency gains and total cost of ownership.
  2. Receive actionable insights to more proactively manage asset performance and expenses in an effort to reduce inappropriate spending and card abuse, all while optimizing business decisions.
  3. Streamline fleet operations to eliminate time-consuming manual calculations while operating efficiently, effectively and securely.
  4. Review fuel transactions for exceptions or anomalies to look for fraudulent activity within your fuel spend.

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ClearView Snap highlights

  • Risky behaviors.
  • Purchasing trends over time.
  • Non-compliant behaviors.

ClearView Snap compiles data and emails in a monthly report to you with easy-to-interpret charts and graphs.

ClearView Snap joins ClearView Essentials business intelligence and machine learning and ClearView Advanced fuel price optimization, messaging and campaign management. Together, this trio of tools will improve your fleet management capabilities.

Log in to the programs portal to request to receive ClearView Snap reports, WEX Analytics reports, or send an email to Fleet Management Division at fms@doas.ga.gov.

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