Report My Driving

The Report My Driving Program allows citizens to call in and report actions a driver performs while operating a state vehicle.  It is a component of the Auto Liability and Physical Damage Insurance, Comprehensive Loss Control Program (CLCP).

The program gives fleet managers access to driver behavior observation reports generated from each call made to the contact center, real-time data to maintain and update asset records.

To ensure full compliance with the program, you must:

  • Affix Report My Driving decals on the rear bumpers of all non-emergency state passenger vehicles
  • Establish written policy and procedures to handle notifications to the reporting system
  • Train all employees and all levels of management on policy and procedures and obtain acknowledgement of its coverage to all drivers
  • Maintain a system and resources to track resolution of notifications and provide communications on resolutions

We have provided several resources, including how-to videos and training materials to assist in managing the program for your agency: 

Report My Driving Login

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