The Report My Driving Program allows citizens to call in and report the driving behavior of State of Georgia's drivers. Users for this program have access to maintain and update asset records, run reports, and access to Observation Reports.  DriverCheck is our current vendor that provides the system to manage the Observation Reports that are generated from each call that is called into the DriverCheck call center along with providing the decals that are placed on the back of each participating vehicle. 

Additionally, the Report My Driving program is part of the Comprehensive Loss and Control Program (CLCP) components. Under this program for Auto Liability and Physical Damage – Full Compliance with the Report My Driving Program Participation will include stickers for all non-emergency state passenger vehicles and work trucks. Entities should establish a written policy and procedures to handle notifications to the system, train all employees and all levels of management on the policy and procedures and obtain acknowledgement of its coverage to all drivers, and maintain a system and resources to track resolution of notifications and provide communications on resolutions.

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Report My Driving Supervisor Resources “How-To” videos  DriverCheck Offers a number of videos
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DriverCheck Offers a number of videos and Documents to assist   the Fleet Manager to manage your Report My   Driving Program. Includes videos on how to use   the website tool, Receiving and Returning   Observation Reports, and assigning Training.  PDF Documents include: Collision   Countermeasures and Manager Guide.
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