Report an Accident

If you are involved in an accident while performing state business, call your supervisor to inform them of what occurred and if you are injured.

Also, report the accident to Netclaims at 1-877-656-7475.  If there is damage to the state vehicle, let Netclaims know that you are making a claim for damage to the state vehicle. Be sure to reference vehicle's VIN (last 6) or the full state ID.

For proof of insurance, see the Georgia Liability Insurance Identification Card document below for on-the-scene instructions. 

If the police do not arrive to document or investigate the scene of the accident, then you must complete the entire DOAS Motor Vehicle Accident Self-Report form below at the location of the accident. Attach all documentation, including photos and videos and email the form, along with your accident claim to no later than 48 hours after the accident.