CLCP Publications and Forms

There are a variety of risk exposures to state employees and state entities. State entities’ efforts to improve their loss control programs will require training and education on the applicable program components. The forms and documents below provide information about the Comprehensive Loss Control Program and allows you to become a participating entity.

Our goal is to help state agencies and entities risk coordinators succeed in efforts to improve loss control programs in their organizations, which benefits the enterprise of state government. Below you will find additional resources and information, including a Loss Control Manual, training materials, a CLCP self-assessment, and other resources, to assist your efforts.

To request on-site training from RMS Comprehensive Loss Control (CLCP) staff, complete the Training Request Form and submit it to

Related Documents

CLCP Loss Control Manual

Created: 2/7/2020
This manual outlines in detail components of Risk Management Services Comprehensive Loss Control Program.

CLCP Components

Created: 2/22/2022
CLCP is comprised of eight components, each of which is described in detail.

CLCP Component 1: Employee Education and Training

Created: 2/11/2020
Component 1 establishes training and development goals of a state entity's safety management program.

CLCP Component 2: Employee Accident Prevention

Created: 2/11/2020
Component 2 outlines an entity's safety plan to ensure safe workplaces and practices and limit exposure to…

CLCP Component 3: Employee Theft

Created: 2/11/2020
Component 3 helps entities establish and maintain a system of resources including policies, programs, procedures and…

CLCP Component 4: General Liability

Created: 2/11/2020
Component 4 assists entities in creating systems, including training, policies and procedures to reduce losses…

CLCP Component 5: Workers’ Compensation Return to Work

Created: 2/11/2020
Component 5 assists agencies in the development and implementation of a templated return-to-work policy and 3-tiered…

CLCP Component 6: Property

Created: 2/11/2020
Component 6 helps state entities establish and maintain a system with resources to ensure routine maintenance is…

CLCP Component 7: Auto Liability and Physical Damage

Created: 2/11/2020
Component 7 establishes a state entity's personnel roles and responsibilities and steps to prevent property damage…

CLCP Component 8: Fleet Management

Created: 2/11/2020
Component 8 helps entities establish and maintain a program to collect and report data in the fleet management system…

CLCP Agreement

Created: 2/22/2022
Agreement between DOAS and a state agency to establish and maintain a comprehensive loss control plan.

Risk Management Training Presentation Template

Created: 2/22/2022
A guide for the enhanced Comprehensive Loss Control Program (CLCP) evaluation process and self-assessment tool.

CLCP Training Request Form

Created: 2/22/2022
This form is used to request on-site Comprehensive Loss Control Program training by DOAS Risk Management staff.

DOAS CLCP Enhancement Announcement to Agency Leaders

Created: 2/22/2022
Commissioner Atwood's letter to state agency leaders.

Safety National Site Import Template

Created: 2/22/2022
This form is used to request access to online training for different safety topics from the Safety National Learning…