Comprehensive Loss Control Program Overview

Our Risk Management team processes over 12,000 claims annually and pays over $150 million in state funds for injured state workers, damaged vehicles and property, and claims from individuals and groups seeking monetary damages from the state and its agencies. Indirect costs, which include lost workplace productivity and additional administrative time in managing these events, are millions more. 

Because of this, we work across state government to:  

  • Build an awareness culture by taking a comprehensive and strategic approach to maintaining the safety of employees and the public 

  • Reduce risks, loss exposure, and program costs that ultimately impact agencies' budgets.   

  • Assist agencies and entities in developing and implementing plans of action to mitigate losses across the enterprise through the administration of an automated CLCP evaluation dashboard.  

  • Yield improved efficiencies and outcomes for our customers through partnerships, additional training, technical assistance, and other coordinated efforts. 

These combined efforts have the potential to save dollars on premiums through incentives and other measures. 

To access the Comprehensive Loss Control Program (CLCP) and Your Agency's Claims dashboards, users must log into IRM at If you do not have login credentials, please send an email to