Minority Business Enterprise Certification


Are you a business owner in Georgia and a member of a minority group?

If so, we encourage you to certify as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE). Yes, it’s a little extra paperwork, but it could bring significant benefits to your business such as greater exposure to state and local procurement officials and private sector suppliers, which can lead to more subcontracting opportunities.

Certifying makes sense on lots of levels. For example, if you are a certified MBE, Georgia law allows you to subtract 10% of your federal taxable income or federal adjusted gross income. (If you need more information about taxes or need help filing, you can call 404-417-2399 and speak to someone at the Georgia Department of Revenue.)

Minority Business Certification Expansion

House Bill 128, signed by Governor Brian P. Kemp on April 24, 2023, expanded the state of Georgia minority business certification. In addition to minority-owned businesses, women-owned and veteran-owned businesses can now obtain certification from the state. For more information or to apply for certification, please click here.